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Cover by Wendy Zdrodowski.
Photo by some random passerby at
the Michigan Renaissance Faire.

"Why Am I Not Surprised?"

Our third recording, with mixed
instrumental and vocal numbers from
Elizabethan England through modern
times, including new material by
John C. Wiseman.
John was awarded an Honorable Mention
in the 7th Annual John Lennon
Songwriting Contest (2003) for
"The Future Isn't What It Used To Be".

CD - $10
  1.  The Mighty Mary Lee (John C. Wiseman)
  2.  Jig Set (Haste to the Wedding/Kesh Jig/Morrison's Jig)
  3.  Do You Love An Apple?
  4.  Strike the Bell
  5.  P Stands For Paddy
  6.  Hal 'n' Tow
  7.  The Ballad of Tommy Gibb (John C. Wiseman)
  8.  Tobacco is Like Love (Tobias Hume - collected in 1605)
  9.  The Lady in Puce (John C. Wiseman)
10.  Tinkers' Rest (Brian Leo)
11.  The Future Isn't What It Used to Be (John C. Wiseman)
        Honorable Mention John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2003
12.  The Ferryman's Fee (lyrics: Mercedes Lackey/J.M. Thane; music: Leslie Fish)
13.  Marching Inland (Tom Lewis)
14.  The Minstrel Boy
15.  Down With the French/Hunt the Squirrel
16.  Twiddles (Jane Meneely)
17.  What Would You Do If You Married a Soldier?/Harvest Home
18.  A Sailor's Prayer (Rod MacDonald)
19.  The Night Pat Murphy Died
20.  Health to the Company

Cover art by Bob Stotts.
Cover layout by Wendy Zdrodowski.

"Tread the Measure -
Dances of the Elizabethan
Court and Countryside"

Our second release features all your
favorite historic dance music in one place!
A delightful instrumental experience
for the listener, with the correct
number of repeats for the dancer.

Out of print.
Track lists

Courtly Dances:
  1.  Bella Gioiosa
  2.  La Castellana
  3.  So Ben Mi Ch'a Bon Tempo
  4.  Contrapasso In Ruota
  5.  Leggiadria d' Amore
  6.  Pavane "Belle Qui Tiene Ma Vie"
  7.  The Frogg Galliard
  8.  Gloria d' Amore
  9.  Fedelta
10.  Spagnoletta
11.  Schiarazula Marazzula ("The Musician's Revenge")
Country Dances:
12.  Dargason, or The Sedany
13.  Gathering Peascods
14.  Black Nag
15.  Sellenger's Round, or The Beginning of the World
16.  Grimstock
17.  None such
18.  Cuckolds All A Row
19.  Half Hannykin
20.  Hole in the Wall
21.  Bear Dance
22.  Rufty Tufty

The hand is Tasha's.
Cover photo and layout by T.C. Miltner.

"OH, FIE!"

Our first album, containing fourteen Renaissance and folk songs ranging from pre-Elizabethan times to the modern age, including two by John C. Wiseman.
Cassette - $5
  1.  J'ai Vu Le Loup (Anon. - 14th/15th c. French)
  2.  Weep O Mine Eyes (John Bennet 1599)
  3.  Advice From the Animals (John C. Wiseman)
  4.  Wild Mountain Thyme
  5.  The Golden Vanity
  6.  The Ankletwister Set (Rufty Tufty/Gathering Peascods)
  7.  Captain Jack and the Mermaid (Meg Davis)
  8.  I'll Tell My Ma
  9.  Fiddler's Green (John Connelly)
10.  The Wedding Banquet (Sister Miriam Therese Winter)
11.  Contrapasso
12.  The Water Is Wide
13.  The Irish Jigg
14.  Bristol That Stands By The Sea (John C. Wiseman)

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